For the Week of 9-20-20

  • Kathy Amber - Please pray for the salvation of Lauren (14) and Hunter (11) who are not being taught about Jesus and the Word of God.  Pray that God opens the hearts of their family so that they all want a true relationship with God and Jesus.  Thanks.
  • Please also pray for my neighbor Deb who is a manager at Walmart. Walmart is reorganizing and doing away with several management and other positions.  Pray that Deb’s new job is compatible with her skills and abilities and she does well and doesn’t take a pay cut.
  • Donna Blais – Please pray for those at my work who are in positions of authority.  Our dept. has been busy for 2 years and we’ve been reporting issues that need to be fixed.
  • Lori Rutovich – Please pray for my neighbors cousin who is 31 and is dying of ovarian cancer. That she would find God if she has not. And that God would comfort her family and friends.
  • Diane Wadsworth – For Paula Williams – healing for sores on her legs.
  • Please continue to pray for Robin Roberts’ health. Also pray for Olivia as she seeks to buy a house – that the timing and approval process works for her.
  • Please continue to pray for Eric and Angie’s health.