For the Week of6-19-22

  •          Pray that Pastor Ed will abide in Christ and be devoted to prayer, relying on God.
  •          Pray that we at RVFC will walk in love, kindness, and favor with the lost and believers around them.
  •          Pray that the unbelievers we know will confess Christ as Lord.
  •          Pray for growth at RVFC.  For new families to come.  For people with musical talent to come and serve.
  •          Paul Dufour – For Alan Kendizon whose cancer came back. For Dan Rochan who had bladder cancer. For Patricia Leeds’s health. And for our son Joe to continue to look for a job and get one.
  •          Pray for the family of Paul Berube as they grieve his loss.
  •          For Ruth Borges’s health.
  •          For Robin Robert’s health.
  •          Robert’s Family – For Ariana and Jill’s health. For a breakthrough in research in treating this Fanconi anemia.