For the Week of 1-23-22

  • Thank you, Lord, that I am an object of your love.

  • Lord, please strengthen my faith and the faith of my brothers and sisters in Christ at RVFC.
  • Paul Dufour – For Tom Gracewiski as he gets fitted for a thumb prosthetic this week.  For Ruth Borges, that her chemo will start soon and go well.
  • For Robin Robert’s brother, Kevin, who apparently has a kidney stone and appendicitis.  Pray that he gets the treatments he needs and that he recovers quickly.
  • For those in the Robert’s family who have Covid – Olivia, Ariana, Gilberto, Gabby, Bella – that they recover quickly.  For protection from Covid for Robin and John.  For Jack who has MRSA on his hip.
  • Pray for Steven Kowal’s health; for a full recovery from Covid and no lingering side effects.
  • For the family of Betty Brew as they grieve her passing.
  • Robert’s Family – For Ariana and Jill’s health. For a breakthrough in research in treating this Fanconi anemia.
  • For healing for those in the church who have unspoken health requests.