Sunday Service

Bible Study for All Ages                9:30-10:15 am

Morning Service                            10:30- 11:30 am

What to Expect

At River Valley you’ll find a casual atmosphere, contemporary music with an occasional hymn, biblical, relevant messages and friendly people, many of whom are open to pursue fellowship beyond Sunday mornings. 

A typical Sunday service includes 15-20 minutes of singing and prayer, announcements, an offering, a 25-30 minute sermon, and a closing song.  We sporadically have times of special music, videos, puppet skits, testimonies of what God has been doing our lives, a Missions Moment, a question and answer time, etc.

You should feel free to dress casually.  You can stand and sing - or not; you can simply listen if that is what you want. You won't be the only one, if that is what you choose to do. The morning offering is an expression of worship - and we don't force anyone to worship!   For the most part, we let you know during the service what we are going to do and what we would like you to do - stand, sit, sing, watch a video, listen to someone read some verses from the Bible, fill out the Prayer Card, etc.

About 20-25 minutes into the service, after singing, prayer and the offering, we dismiss children ages 6-12 for "Children's Church."  We have a room in the back of the hall where these children learn age appropriate lessons, usually re-enforced by doing a craft.  It is not necessary for children of this age to attend; they can stay i the service, if that is what the parents want them to do.  We'll be happy to introduce you and your children to the Children's Church teacher before the service if you'd like. 

Childcare is available on Sunday mornings. Nursery is for ages up to 5 years old.

We typically celebrate the Lord's Table the second Sunday of each month.

Currently, we are a relatively small, but growing church of between 45-55 people each Sunday morning.

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are small groups where people can share their lives together and discover how the love of God transforms their lives. They are a place to connect with other believers, grow in our faith, and share our life.  Fellowship groups are not Bible Study groups, though there is a time for looking at the Word of God together. These groups are about connecting with one another and God in a practical, experiential way that helps us to grow as Christians. The ultimate goal of these fellowship groups is life-change as people share their lives and God’s Word and his love with each other.

Groups meet weekly on a semester schedule - September to mid-December and mid-January to early June.

Groups meet in the homes of people who attend RVFC.

For information about specific groups, including locations, contact Pastor Ed.

Growth Group

The purpose of the Growth Group is acquire the knowledge, values and skills needed to live the balanced three-dimensional life we see Jesus live in the gospels - Up, In and Out - and to encourage each other to this end.

Meets During the Fall and Spring

Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 pm.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

This group will meet the same week as the Fellowship Groups.

The purpose of the group is to learn principles from God's Word that will help us to become everything God designed us to be. Each study will not only help us better understand God's Word, but will encourage us to grow in our relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Ed leads this group.  It is limited to 5 people.  It will meet for 60-75 minutes.

This group will benefit Christians of any level of spiritual maturity.

The studies will require about 45-60 minutes of preparation between our meetings every other week.