We are dedicated to passing on sound biblical principles to our children so they can grow in character and develop a solid foundation for living a good, happy, blessed life.

Nursery: Infants to age 5.  The Lil' Lites Nursery is designed to care for and nurture your child in the earliest years of his or her life. Sundays 10:15-11:30 am.  

Children's Church: Ages 6-12. Children are dismissed before the morning message - about 20-25 minutes into the morning servi. Our dedicated volunteers present a biblical lesson and use hands-on activities to help instill God's message and to give children something concrete to carry home and share with their families. 

As a small but growing church we are eager to attract new families who want to be part of building a fully functioning Children’s Ministry at RVFC.  While we are attracting more and more families, we have not yet crossed the threshold for having a full Children's Ministry.  You and your family can make the difference!