Some Sites That Might Be Helpful

There are some exceptional resources on the web for Christians or those seeking information about Christianity. Knowing where to find them, however, is not always easy. Here are a few websites you can trust to give solid, helpful information. - The front page of this site is not very impressive, but don't let looks deceive you. This site has hundreds of pages of questions with good, short answers concerning the Bible, God, Jesus, Ethics and more. It is easy to navigate and has lots of short videos.

RBC Ministries - You can read or listen to a daily devotional like Our Daily Bread, or explore the Discovery Series booklets on topics ranging from Knowing God and Christian Living to Help in Times of Crisis and Relationships. And there is much more on this site to help you learn and grow.

CARM - The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry website is a great resource for those looking to defend their faith or to better understand it in contrast to other faiths and mistaken beliefs.

Desiring God - This is the website for the ministry of Dr. John Piper. There are thousands of Bible saturated sermons and conference messages, and seminar classes and free books on this site. 

The Stranger VideoBook - This is an online video course that systematically presents the basic teachings of the Bible. It contains 11 hours of video material. It's broken up into segments that allow you to learn at your own pace. If you watch this whole course, you will know more about the Bible than most Christians.